Welcome to Dumez Global Education … Australian registered company

Career counselling and assistance with the application and enrolment process

Assist with student’s visa application

Assist in facilitating the best choice of educational institutions

Provides IELTS and TOEFL training

Easy steps to studying in Australia

Dumez Global Education provide assistance to students to secure admission into education institutions in Australia. You are never alone as we assist you through the admission process and provide counseling to enable you making that big decision and choice.


Assist students through visa process

Dumez Global Education work with you from beginning to end of your visa process and we can act as a correspondent between you and immigration when you complete Authorised Recipient form to improve better services and faster responds.

English proficiency made easy training

Dumez Global Education provides training for prospective student who are planning to take English proficiency test.

Smooth transition into Australian values

Dumez Global Education provides training and information to significantly reduce cultural shock and to increase employable qualities.

Provides basic IT (computer) classes

Dumez Global Education provides basic computer training in our Nigerian offshore office to enable easy access and use of computer.

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